Laundered Shirts

No laundry service on Thursdays.


Foasberg’s have modern business shirt processing equipment which flattens wet shirts while drying them via the use of steam and air. This type of equipment ensures your laundered shirt will look fresh, flat, neat and stay crisper all day.

  • Men’s business shirts
  • Ladies business shirts

Key benefits of having us do your laundry is that we do an excellent job with the best equipment and we will also make any small repairs as needed:

  • Replacing loose or broken buttons and tightening their threads
  • Your shirts can be starched to the stiffness required
  • Business shirts can be returned on hangers or folded
  • Steam and air finishing delays creasing of business shirts
  • Specialized and general stain removal
  • No damage, shrinkage or color running
  • No ironing or heat applied to shirts

It is possible that you may have a shirt that is not suitable for laundering. We will check it when you bring your shirts to us. Laundered shirts must be cotton or cotton/poly and be a size and shape that fits onto our automated laundry shirt processing equipment and withstand commercial washing. Otherwise the shirt would have to be dry-cleaned and pressed using dry-cleaning equipment at a slightly higher price compared to laundering.