Storage Tips

Control your environment:

  • Avoid plastic or nylon garment bags, moisture can become trapped in the bag and cause mold, mildew or attract insects.
  • All clothing should be stored in clean breathable garment bags in a cool and well ventilated area.
  • Light attracts insects and can fade the colours of your clothing. It is always best to use a dark storage area.
  • Do not store your clothing in the cold basement or the hot attic. Temperature extremes can cause damage to some fabrics.

Leather and Suede:
Suede and leather should be professionally cleaned and oiled before storing.Supple leather garments should be laid flat and padded well with tissue.

Knits, Silks and Rayon:
Rayon should be stored flat if possible, and stored on acid free paper. If hanging is necessary pad the shoulders with tissue to prevent stretching.

Shirts neatly folded and stored on shelves.

Linen’s should be rolled to prevent permanent creasing.

If it is necessary to fold them be sure to refold often to avoid damage.

Fur Garments need to be stored in a cool, dark location, however we strongly recommend professional cold storage

Detail of an antique wooden closet.