Textile Restoration

What is Textile Restorations?


We are specialists in the restoration of clothing and household fabric items that have been distressed by fire, smoke, water, mold, odors, etc. We restore items such as:

  • Dry-cleanable Items
  • Household fabric items
  • Bulk laundry (undergarments)
  • Shoes, purses and luggage items
  • Fur and Leather items
  • Wedding Attire
  • Heirloom items such as quilts and tapestries
  • Stuffed animals and dolls
  • Window treatments
  • Outerwear, sports wear/equipment
  • Hats, caps

You’d Be Surprised What We Can Restore.  Don’t Give Up!

A closet full of smoke or water damaged clothing may look hopeless, but don’t be discouraged.  If the garments are not actually burned, majority the clothing can be successfully cleaned and restored to pre-loss condition.  If you think about it, clothes are the most personal items in a home.  Our customers are infinitely aware of how their clothes fit and feel and how long it takes to find outfits they like. Foasberg has been cleaning their fine garments for over 75 years.  In fact, a small percentage of the dry cleaning industry meets the necessary standards for optimum garment restoration.

We Know How to work with Insurance Claims

Foasberg understands the insurance claims process and how to handle it.  The claims process has many more steps than traditional over-the-counter dry cleaning business, and the chosen vendor must be experienced in handling these steps.

Because we specialize in fabric restoration, we are able to give professional attention to the items an every day Dry-cleaner cannot adequately process. We fully guarantee our work and we do not charge for items that do not salvage.

With this guarantee in place, cleaning instead of replacement just makes sense, and by doing so you are saving nearly 90% of the cost of replacement. When you consider each household has literally hundreds of garments, it’s easy to see those savings add up. So not only are you saving memories, you’re saving money as well.

Tell Your Insurance Company Who You Want To Use To Restore Your Clothing

Don’t let insurance companies try to dictate who to use.  Some insurance companies may steer you to use a company that is looking out for their best interest, not yours.   You should check with your own insurance company but you likely have the right to choose the company that is going to clean and restore your clothes.

We’re on your schedule and here to save you time.

We are organized to respond to losses quickly and efficiently, being onsite within hours of your call. We pick up and deliver and we work diligently to ensure immediate need items are returned within 24 hours when necessary, and an itemized estimate gets to the adjuster or contractor within 72 hours or less.

We’re on call 24/7 for emergency services normal business hours of 9-4 for non-emergencies.  Call us at 800-439-7416